A programme of Locally Produced and Directed Short Films


Screening of four short films and discussion with their directors at
The University of West London, Weston Hall
St Mary's Road, Ealing  W5 5RF
8.00pm on Wednesday 8th


This free event is presented in partnership with UWL

Online seat reservations for this event are now closed; places should still be available


Farmand by Julie Sondergaard

A documentary/experimental/vlog mashup exploring the struggles of living with anxiety through a combination of video diary and performance experiences


Adrift by Rebekah Duffy and Chloe Antoniou

A post-apocalyptic short film set in 2018 in the aftermath of an envisioned third world war. Yana, a refugee, is trying to make her way back to the beach, the place where she first arrived in Britain


Dispel: Redefining Women in Islam by Rita Starcenko

​A documentary that explores gender equality in Islamic culture. While usually depicted as the offressed, Muslim women are influencing societies and leading positive change in their communities


Men Can't Fly by Simon Pires and Aksel Erzinclioglu

​Three drunk youths find themselves in a moral dilemma when they stumble across a dead man in the middle of the park