EMFF Privacy Policy


On 25th May 2018 new legislation on Data Protection came into force (The General Data Protection Regulation - “GDPR”). GDPR replaced previous legislation and contains significant obligations which The Ealing Music and Film Festival Trust (EMFF - The Trust) must fulfil and numerous rights which Supporters have vis-à-vis the Trust. Many of the Rules are the same as under previous legislation but there are a number of new elements. GDPR is an EU Directive directly applicable in all Member States without the need for local legislation the UK has decided that it requires the content of GDPR to apply after the UK leaves the EU.

Our current policy is set out here. Inevitably it will be updated as new legislation comes into force and is itself refined through precedent.

Fundamentally, The Trust is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This is taken very seriously and we are dedicated to handling your information in a secure and responsible manner in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

What information do we collect?

When purchasing tickets through our website for our festivals, we use a ticketing system, Ticket Tailor, that requires you to provide your name, address, email and a phone number. Payment is managed through PayPal, providers of secure banking and financial fulfilment services. PayPal requires your credit/debit card or PayPal account details in order to complete the transaction. All the information that relates to your ticket purchase is captured and held within these two external systems. No sensitive personal information is captured.

The Trust asserts that it is a lawful processor by virtue of this relationship and therefore does not need to obtain specific consent to use your name and email address to contact you to enhance your experience of our festivals. We may use MailChimp to achieve this.

We will not sell or lease any of your personal information to any other organisation at any time. If you attend a festival event that involves a third party performer or venue, we may need to share your name and contact details for security or practical reasons.

We intend to hold indefinitely the limited information we collect that relates to ticket purchasing.

Your Rights

  • To Complain:  Ideally the Trust would wish to try and deal with complaints itself before recourse to any external authority and asks you to submit complaints to us via email at gdpr@ealingmusicandfilmfestival.org but we are open to you submitting a complaint at any time to the Office of the Information Commissioner.
  • To have correct data recorded:  The Trust will be happy to correct errors; you are reminded that you will have entered this information yourself.
  • To require the Trust to erase data about you:  The Trust will fully respect the new legislation but reminds you that the low-level information gathered is perceived to be the minimum needed to provide you with the benefits of attending our festivals. The Trust also notes that the information about you is held on specialised third party systems and we have limited ability to ensure its absolute security and accuracy, particularly in light of the point above.

Updated 9th January 2020