About us

The Ealing Music and Film Festival Trust is a charity, conceived in 2010/11 with our Patron Angie Bray and registered in 2011/12 by Ealing Residents Patrick and Ann Chapman and Tony Palmer to celebrate our arts heritage and bring it to as wide an audience as possible, with the aim that the festivals becoming an annual feature in Ealing. 2022 will mark our ninth successful festival, following the enforced break of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Trust has grown since its foundation and has developed the festival and its outreach, particularly to local young artists.

Our charitable aim is to invest any surplus funds from the festivals into helping young local people develop their cultural and artistic skills. We are supported by a number of local Ealing patrons, philanthropists and businesses without whose help our festivals would not be possible.

We have an e-newsletter registration form and general contact details on our main contact page.

A brief background to the festival is on our history page.

Alternatively we can be contacted by email at:  manager@ealingmusicandfilmfestival.org.